Stories My quest to surf succes. Step by step

Severn Bore Riders

Surfing The Severn Bore

At 6am on Monday 3rd March 2014, 100 miles from home, four blokes forced breakfast on nervous stomachs and made for the “Severn Bore Inn”. It was bore riding day. In short, a bore...


First Surf Lesson

It wasn’t until a few years on from my first time in the surf that I got up close and personal with a surfboard for the first time. The last week of every year at...

"Beach shop"

Getting In The Surf For The First Time

My earliest memories of the beach are largely unpleasant: sticky suncream, cold water, relentless wind and… sand. Ah man, the sand! Maybe it was the irritation of harsh grit irritating my chubby fingers and...