OverTheDune site improvements

This website began as a chronicle of my time on the waves. A proper “share as you learn” affair that began here: my past life.

Since then I’ve picked up a couple of surfboards (‘flower’ being my favourite – the mal I learned on – she’s yet to feature but will pilot the “gear” review section next month), learned a few surfing dos and donts and visited a few different breaks.

The site has also developed slightly – keeping up with events, posting more regularly and writing up locations. These things have culminated in brand new sections of the site which you can find on the black strip at the top of the page.

One of these is surfing places which hasn’t been fully fleshed out, but started a thought process. As such I’ve written a post on a website called City Surf Essentials about surfing in Morocco here, and I’ll feature the full run down in the places section onsite soon.

If you have any comments about local breaks or fancy giving me some tips on where to go (I’ll meet you there) get in touch. In the meantime; go. Surf.

First inward facing post of the website over.

Tomorrow; back to the news.

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