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Fancy a surfing holiday? Time to get selfish

If you’re a surfer, especially a landlocked one, you’ve probably faced the struggle of trying to steer a holiday towards surfing.

The confrontational Non-Surfer

Most “non-surfers” have the same kneejerk reaction to surfing as a holiday suggestion. “Not every trip has to be surfing” they always seem to say, or “There’s more to life than surfing”.

Whether you’ve been on a surfing holiday or not. Whether they’ve tried surfing or not.

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Whatever you say, don’t say this

It turns out that the worst response is:

“Whatever kind of holiday you want, I bet we can find it with surf nearby”.

In my experience, this is like a rag to a bull. Non-surfers make it their mission to describe 101 “unique” destinations miles away from the coast. It’ll just so happen to be that they’ve always wanted to see at least half of them. For the sake of an easy life you end up spending hard earned cash and rare annual leave not surfing.

Learner Surfer Celebrates

You might have to be a bit selfish to get it sometimes, but nothing beats the feeling of a decent surf (even on foamie days)

If this hasn’t happened to you, I envy you.

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Stubborn surfers go surfing

I’ve been through this ritual one too many times. One day I decided that enough was enough. I wasn’t taking no for an answer. Not this time.

I was planning a trip with some friends. I mentioned surfing. Like clockwork, the counter offers started. City breaks, lake-side trips, driving holidays. To cut a long story short, I bowed out of the conversation, booked some flights and politely told them they were more than welcome to come. I was going surfing; that was that. One of those friends came with me, the rest stayed behind. Would I take it back? Not a chance.

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How to go on a surfing holiday

Lesson Learned?

If you want to go surfing and you’re surrounded by other people who don’t, you can either consign yourself to a surf-free life or strike out there on your own.

Rant over.