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ASP Coming Good On Digital

Late last year I commented on the ASP weighing in on the digital sphere and after the announcement yesterday that Kelly Slater had split from Quiksilver we got to see a real insight into the bonuses of having of a new fangled ASP.

The media storm around Slater’s big move set tongues to waggling all over the world. The story engulfed my chit chat and news feeds for 24 hours; from my own personal conversations (even with non-surfing friends) to debate from some of the biggest names and media outlets in the surf industry. Thanks to the ASP we were able to plug in to a really interesting feedback loop, seeing opinions from pro surfers almost as they happened…

Nat Young:

“It’s funny as I was asleep and Mitch Crews came into the room going, “Did you hear the news?! Do you think it’s true?!” Kind of like the world was ending and I was just waking up. So I looked on instagram and the ASP site and read it, then remembered that it was April 1st so it could have been a joke, but it would have been a weird one if that were the case. We were all sitting around the table trying to figure out if it were true or not. We were all making bets about it. I don’t really know what to think about it because it’s so fresh and his company is just forming. Pretty sure it will be exciting though.”

Jeremy Flores:

“Thanks Kelly for all these years of being a great example of the sport, giving me some tips since I was 12 yrs old being on the same Quiksilver team. I was very lucky to be able to share most of my free surfs with this freak since I was a kid (and stealing some boards too). Good luck for this new chapter of your life bra!”

There’s a host of others. You can check out the rest here:


I for one am stoked to be given a chance to see candid opinions from pro surfers, less than a day after they were formed at that. Well played ASP. So far so good…

Kelly Slater Pipemasters

April Fools From Kelly Slater?

International surf media is up in arms today (1st April) since Kelly Slater apparently called it time with Quiksilver.

You can read the original article from the ASP here.

I wasn’t 100% where I stood to start with the first announcement (seems April Foolers are all over the place this year), Carve Magazine and Surfline still aren’t sure and the guys at MagicSeaweed are convinced it’s a joke:

We are calling April Fools on the ASP announcement that Kelly Slater has quit Quiksilver.

A worthy effort, but a bit obvious. ~Magicseaweed

But with statements from the likes of Bob McKnight, Founder and Executive Chairman of Quiksilver, it’d have been a pretty convoluted prank.

“Kelly has been a part of the Quiksilver family for over 20 years. It’s been an incredible journey watching him grow from a young surfer with great potential, to the 11-time World Champion he is today. We wish Kelly all the best as he enters this next phase of his career.” ~ Bob McKnight

Why would you say such a damaging thing about your brand for the sake of some cheap laughs? It doesn’t add up.

After reading this, I’m 100% that the whole thing is true. More over, I’m happy for it. With Slater’s do good attitude when it comes to surf ecology, I’m glad to see him moving into a partnership that will benefit our blue planet. Here’s a tiny section from his leaving letter:

I am excited to tell you that I’ve chosen The Kering Group as a partner. They share my values and have the ability to support me in all of my endeavors. ~Kelly Slater

Good on you slats!

If not Quiksilver, I wonder what colours he’ll be wearing tomorrow as the second stop on the 2014 World Tour, The Drug Aware Margaret River Pro, gets underway.

Mavericks International Broadcast On Live TV!

A brand new year and news has broken that for the first time in history, Mavericks International is going to be broadcast globally on live TV. It’s one of the heaviest, gnarliest waves on the planet and the conditions look massive for the competition – swell forecasts exceeding 40ft.

If you want to see one of the most infamous big waves in surfing history in action, you can catch it online here: www.universalsports.com and www.mavericksinvitational.com.

Additionally, they’re holding a “Viewing Festival” at Half Moon Bay – big screen, music, entertainment and awards ceremony to the crowd etc. Interestingly enough, “The Big Wave World Tour” was acquired by the ASP mid-2013, pretty interesting considering the changes they’ve hinted at for the near future.

Firefox And Vans Triple Crown Of Surfing Screengrab

ASP and Mozilla

It’s a month on from announcements about the ASP lumbering into mainstream digital media and there are some interesting partnerships cropping up.

One in particular is Mozilla (responsible for serving the Firefox browser) who are now working with the Vans Triple Crown of Surfing…. boosting the online footprint and capability of the Triple Crown and giving Mozilla a physical presence at the series:

 “One way to show your passion and enthusiasm is to add a custom theme to your browser that commemorates the Vans Triple Crown of Surfing. With the new FirefoxOS:  Vans Triple Crown of Surfing app, fans will be able follow their favorite surfers and live stream all three events that make up the Vans Triple Crown of Surfing competition”

Firefox will also have a VIP Athlete Area, where the courageous competitors can stop by to unwind in between waves.  They will be able to relax in the lounge area before getting back on their boards. Stay tuned to @Firefox on Twitter and the Firefox page on Facebook for images and videos right from the event.”

Funnily enough I only stumbled on this announcement when using Firefox and even that took a keen eye. Above is a screengrab of the homepage.

It doesn’t appear to be targeted to me, so we’re looking at global targeting for anyone using the Firefox homepage. I think it’s fair to say that you can expect a lot more surf related content with your daily internet use!

More here: https://blog.mozilla.org/blog/2013/11/12/live-what-you-love-mozilla-firefox-the-vans-triple-crown-of-surfing/?utm_source=snippet&utm_medium=snippet&utm_campaign=VansContest_ensimplesnippet&sample_rate=0.1&snippet_name=4172

ASP Goes Digital

“The first national and global media deals in the history of professional surfing”

The ASP yesterday announced movements towards ‘internet-focussed media distribution’ including agreements with ESPN, Youtube and Facebook across linear broadcast, digital and social media to come to fruition in 2014.

Is this a way for the ASP to allow greater mass into the open arms of the 120,000,000 strong surfing universe, bolstering our family and improving the sport, or… a manoeuvre bound to feed the counter-culture and force the “genuine” surf culture further underground as a new breed of mainstream enters the water? Whichever way you see it, with the ASP so often the center of fractious debate in the industry lately, it’s not going to happen quietly.

“The 2013 season is serving as a transitional year, with new management building programs and partnerships for the rebirth of professional surfing in 2014 when a new look, tone and feel as well as consistent and top-of-class programming will showcase the world’s best surfers in the world’s best waves.”

Check out the new look ASP here: http://www.aspworldtour.com/2014/. A particularly interesting highlight:

“Repucom research findings showed the number one sport fan using social media throughout the world are surfing fans, including a characteristic of being six times more likely to engage in social media than the general public.”

I look forward to seeing how this will change the face of the ASP and surfing media at large!

Here’s the release: http://magicseaweed.com/news/asp-announce-2014-media-distribution-agreements/5695/