2010 Surfer Poll


Surfermag is a leading authority in the world of waves and neoprene, and it’s looking to be a similar power in the ranking of the worlds favourite surfers. There are many places where you can see who’s won the most amount of points and medals over past years, but this poll is fast becoming accepted as the global opinion on the surfing world. You’ll have the opportunity to fill out your favourite 10 male names, 5 females and a single surfing video.

Communications giants Verizon and Samsung have teamed up to bring us the poll this year along with a whole host of companies. It’s clear that whatever is hot in the surfing world is going to mean big bucks for the corporations out there, so it stands to reason that you can judge just how big an event is by the names behind it. Any name worth mentioning on the pro roster has made an appearance at one time or another, so it’s clear that the peoples opinion means a lot. Think of this as the Oscar ceremony for the surfing world.

Various winners for 2008 Surfers PollWinners from 2008: 7th in poll, Best Maneuver and Breakthrough Filmmaker. From Dude Cruise.

The poll has been running since 1963, and Kelly Slater is the record holder with 15 wins already under his belt. Everyone at the top seems to be confused about how many there have been – last year was the 37th but they’re hailing this one as the 40th – maybe they just want to get in sync with 2010? I’m not really sure. You can see last years here to get a sense of the event.

The deadline for the poll is midnight of October 15th and the results will be shown via a free webcast on December 6th.

If you’re one of them twittererers you can ‘follow’ the poll there. “@surferpoll” – I hope this means more to you than it did to me. You can also sign up for the magazine newsletter by checking the box when you fill out the form.

Let me know what you went for!