Surf Van Woolacombe

5 Essentials For Surf Trips

Surfing and travel go hand in hand; always on the lookout for somewhere worth getting in the water for. When I first started I saw the journey as just another factor in the tedium of the prolonged wait for the surfing itself. On the way I was itching to get in, on the way back I was usually pretty cold and tired. It was easy to miss the beauty of the travel. After a while, though, something changed.

Surf Van Woolacombe
Traveling with your surfboard is a ritual. The company you keep, the music you listen to… it all adds to the excitement of the impending session. When you get into a groove there are certain things you’ll never go surfing without. Aside from the obvious (surfboard & wetsuit), here are a few tips for things to remember:

  1. Food. No matter what you’ve eaten in the day you’re ALWAYS going to need something after a good hard surf. You may not have an empty stomach, but the energy levels will be dwindling. I try to keep a back up snickers or two in the glove-box.
  2. Water. Dehydration is one of the quickest ways to get bored of surfing. You feel sluggish when you get out of the water and there’s obviously no benefit to being in sea water. I NEVER FORGET to bring a bottle of water. Essential.
  3. Big Jumper. Every regular British surfer will have a go-to jacket of some kind. When I’ve dried off it’s heaven to wrap up in the big fat jumper. If it’s a hot day you’d still do well to make sure you’ve got one ready for those long nights around the beach-fire.
  4. Wax. Everyone needs wax. You might find people approaching you in the car-park to ask for a “smidge of wax”. I’ve got into the habit of stashing half bars here and there – board bags, shorts, glove box…
  5. Camera. I’ve noticed when trying to recall certain surf trips that they begin to meld into a single memory. Now it’s a habit to get at least one photo – even if it’s just everyone in the car on the way home.
  6. (Obvious, but worth a mention – Phone. Surfing gives you a release from connectivity – you’ll get your alone time in the water, but don’t leave the phone at home. Make sure you’ve got a point of contact.

There’s nothing mind blowing in this list, but after falling short a few times it’s become gospel for me. Hopefully it’ll help you avoid getting caught out!