God is a surfer

As shared by MSW

“God is a surfer!”

Classic example that the site’s maintaining it’s “magic”.

God is a surfer

We’re still tooting the horn of magicseaweed (many surf trips reliant on the forecasts). Not only are they spitting out ridiculous pictures of clouds breaking like waves, but jumping the social media into gear 5.

As shared on their Facebook:

God is a surfer Magic Seaweed Screenshot

(Or it’s a meteorological phenomena known a Kelvin-Helmholtz wave)

Where did they come by this information? Surely it’s just a caption written by their social media team? Not so.. Clicking through this link to the main site (scroll down) shows comments from Facebook pulled underneath the story – which is then shared. User generated content that’s being used in social media – a) makes life easier, b) gives the commenters of the site a bit of limelight.

Talk about social synergy! Now to tweet this at MSW and see if we can complete the circle….