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ASP Coming Good On Digital

Late last year I commented on the ASP weighing in on the digital sphere and after the announcement yesterday that Kelly Slater had split from Quiksilver we got to see a real insight into the bonuses of having of a new fangled ASP.

The media storm around Slater’s big move set tongues to waggling all over the world. The story engulfed my chit chat and news feeds for 24 hours; from my own personal conversations (even with non-surfing friends) to debate from some of the biggest names and media outlets in the surf industry. Thanks to the ASP we were able to plug in to a really interesting feedback loop, seeing opinions from pro surfers almost as they happened…

Nat Young:

“It’s funny as I was asleep and Mitch Crews came into the room going, “Did you hear the news?! Do you think it’s true?!” Kind of like the world was ending and I was just waking up. So I looked on instagram and the ASP site and read it, then remembered that it was April 1st so it could have been a joke, but it would have been a weird one if that were the case. We were all sitting around the table trying to figure out if it were true or not. We were all making bets about it. I don’t really know what to think about it because it’s so fresh and his company is just forming. Pretty sure it will be exciting though.”

Jeremy Flores:

“Thanks Kelly for all these years of being a great example of the sport, giving me some tips since I was 12 yrs old being on the same Quiksilver team. I was very lucky to be able to share most of my free surfs with this freak since I was a kid (and stealing some boards too). Good luck for this new chapter of your life bra!”

There’s a host of others. You can check out the rest here:

I for one am stoked to be given a chance to see candid opinions from pro surfers, less than a day after they were formed at that. Well played ASP. So far so good…