ASP Goes Digital

“The first national and global media deals in the history of professional surfing”

The ASP yesterday announced movements towards ‘internet-focussed media distribution’ including agreements with ESPN, Youtube and Facebook across linear broadcast, digital and social media to come to fruition in 2014.

Is this a way for the ASP to allow greater mass into the open arms of the 120,000,000 strong surfing universe, bolstering our family and improving the sport, or… a manoeuvre bound to feed the counter-culture and force the “genuine” surf culture further underground as a new breed of mainstream enters the water? Whichever way you see it, with the ASP so often the center of fractious debate in the industry lately, it’s not going to happen quietly.

“The 2013 season is serving as a transitional year, with new management building programs and partnerships for the rebirth of professional surfing in 2014 when a new look, tone and feel as well as consistent and top-of-class programming will showcase the world’s best surfers in the world’s best waves.”

Check out the new look ASP here: A particularly interesting highlight:

“Repucom research findings showed the number one sport fan using social media throughout the world are surfing fans, including a characteristic of being six times more likely to engage in social media than the general public.”

I look forward to seeing how this will change the face of the ASP and surfing media at large!

Here’s the release: