Surfing Dos And Donts For Beginner

Beginner Dos And Donts!

A small list of Dos and Dont’s. Advice for practical and social situations:

Do: Learn on a big stable board. Funboards are perfect.

Don’t: Keep trying to pop up on your knee once you’ve got the basics down. It may get you up more regularly when you first get going but it’s a nightmare to get out of the habit later down the line. Get a lesson, take the advice, and get off your knee asap!

Do: KNOW YOUR LIMITS. If you don’t respect the sea as being a dangerous environment you’ve yet to have your first spill. It can really, really hurt.

Don’t: Pretend to know what you’re talking about. If you do somehow manage to sound like you’re on the right track you could well talk yourself into believing you know your stuff. That’ll kick you in the balls later down the line.

Do: Rent a surfboard (especially if you’re travelling a long way and staying for a short time). It’s easier than you might think and the chaps behind the desk are usually the best people to talk to about local conditions. They won’t judge you if you say you’re a beginner, and if you’re honest about how much experience you’ve got it will only help you.

Don’t: Get testy when you bail or grow afraid of it. Falling off the board is the majority of learning to surf and it’s a good thing! The sooner you accept bailing, the sooner you’ll be having fun.

Do: Go travelling. Nothing makes you more active like being in a new place; surfing is no exception.

Don’t: Take every chance you can to talk about your “life changing” travelling experience! I know that’s rich coming from a surf blogger, but there’s a time and a place. Save the gushing!

Do: Physically search for a break. There are many websites that will show you where to go for the best surf, but sometimes the secrets are only found offline. Besides – who wants to follow a printed map when you first arrive at a new place? Driving around and searching is worth it to get to grips with the place.

Don’t: Jump the gun. If you’ve got a board and you’re raring to go there is nothing to be gained from jumping in the water. Be ponderous, watch the waves as they break, pick your spot.

Do: Remember that patience is a virtue.