Big Wave Surfing Foamie Cribbar 16th December Sam Crosby

Big Wave Surfing on a Foamie

There’s a mythical beast lurking in North Cornwall, silently brooding beneath the surface of the Atlantic. It waits patiently for summer to pass,  ready to fire when the conditions call.

I’d heard about the Cribbar long before I saw it. Fistral’s worst kept secret rears up a few times a winter. When the swell gets too big for most of the other spots along the coast, it cranks up, drawing crowds with 20ft+ waves which unload at the bottom of a cliff. It’s our own mini Nazaré.

Big Wave Surfing Cribbar 16th Dec OTD Sam Crosby

SUP for scale…

It’s a seriously steep take off and the rush must be heart-pumping. Some of the bravest local souls take to the water, dusting off their big-wave guns and attempting to grab one or two bone-rattling rides. Professionals with purpose built gear, they train for exactly this type of challenge.

There is one exception to the rule.

Longboard Line Break

King Of The Foamie

Kourosh Zahedi; Iranian born Newquay charger, is a nutbag.

On 16th December, around 2.40pm, he was in the line up at The Cribbar. It was pumping. Not only that, he was giving JOB a run for his money.

Big Wave Surfing Foamie Cribbar 16th December Sam Crosby

No messing about – the Cornish monster lurking beneath

Turns out (when I got home to check the snaps I got) that he’d chucked his foamie into the mix, only to catch the biggest wave I’ve ever seen in real life.

I’m not lying. The rider dwarfed by the set he’s taking on in the picture above is on a big old foam board.

Check it out here:

Lesson learned: If you want to get anywhere near the level of the guys taking on a wave of this stature, the short-cut is being outright nuts.

I told you riding a foamie could be cool!

Kourosh Zahedi, absolutely insane. Inspirational show of sheer guts. Check out more from him and his trusty foamie on Instagram: @kouroshzahedi