Bobby Martinez

Bobby is one of the first surfers I started to follow. He’s the one with the affable laugh and a skillset so interchangeable that you’ll never see him have a down day.

In any interview I’ve ever seen/read with Bobby he’s been friendly, down to Earth and laid back; just as you’d expect from a dude that lives the waking dream. But, underneath his attitude and infectious smiles something sinister simmers.

Bobby Martinez Twitter

At the Long Beach New York Pro event we saw Bobby’s patience come apart at the seams. It wasn’t exactly in private, either.

I won’t sit and judge the man, he’s been nothing short of an idol for me, and I’m in no position to understand the pressures of a pro athlete, let alone a world renowned surfer, but he does make it hard to remember the Bobby of old.

Without being judgemental, it seems to come down to his dislike of the ASP. Essentially he’s not a fan of the way things work within the ASP (predominantly the points system) and the points/ranking update in September saw him dropping in the rankings whilst raising others that he.. uh.. disagreed about.

So he’s retired from the ASP, and he’s not making friends as readily as he once was. His Twitter stream has gone very quiet of late, after a heated outburst:

Bobby Martinez Twitter

Say what you want in my opinion buddy. Just look after yourself.