Details of the garden

We’ve had a chance to look at Wave Garden and from what we’ve seen things are looking pretty impressive. I won’t go into too much detail, (they’re going to be getting a LOT of interest, so they’ve laid out the specifics pretty neatly around the website), you’ll be able to find out what you like without too much of a problem.
First off, here’s a look at the “about” section for potential investors:
  • Wavegarden is specifically designed to blend into natural settings.
  • Wavegarden can create linear or curved breaks to adjust to the morphology of the land.
  • Each break can be a wave that starts and ends, or as a closed loop that generates an endless wave.
  • Wavegarden’s unique technology enables the waves to be modified and customised any time. Waves can be consistently identical or there can be small variations at any point or moment of the break. These variations are programmed so that the surfer may or may not know that they are going to occur.
  • A custom study for each client is performed to define all these factors.
This stuff alongside the video footage would have us believing what they’re saying. It looks like there are hundreds of things they’ll be able to change at will, place to place, day to day, to allow for the type of surf that you’d like.
We can’t see this replacing ocean surfing, but it’s definitely a solution to land-locked surfers. The FAQ makes some pretty interesting points as well, this one in particular:

7. How long can a Wavegarden wave break?

The maximum distance of a Wavegarden wave is only limited by the size of your available space. We can create waves up to 3km in length so far!

The guidelines suggest that waves shouldn’t be programmed to go over 1.5m in terms of health and safety, but ‘the potential is there’.

We’re really excited to see how this turns out, more for the sake of how it will affect competitions and the way that the rich and famous choose to spend their money. The sad fact of the matter is that it’s probably going to cost an absolute bomb to have a go on one of these things, but it’s nice to see that it caters for anyone and everyone.

If the idea is refined enough to come in a package that an inexperienced investor can get hold of, and I can find a way of getting the money together – ideally this would be through getting rich, but I have a feeling I’ll need to talk to a bank about financial invesments and loans if I’m going to stand a chance – I’ll be digging up the necessary land as soon as possible. This thing is amazing…

Wavegarden (Short)