Don't Be Put Off By Glossy Surf Media

Don’t Be Put Off By Glossy Surf Media

It’s easy to be disillusioned by the gloss of surf media, especially when you’re comparing it to your own ability. “I’m still nervous about small waves, how can I ever amount to that?”

Forget about it!

I learned first hand that disbelief is the most effective way to keep surfing out of reach. One day I got in the water and gave surfing a go. It sounds stupid, but that’s what it took.

I convinced myself to go by tuning out the noise. I stopped thinking about surfing as an end goal. I didn’t look at 5 star chefs or premier league football players and think “I wouldn’t be any good at that”. I still cooked, I played footy, just not as well as the best in the business. Surfing’s no different.

Already surfing? It still applies. I think it’s important to appreciate the end goal and how fantastic pro surfing is as a spectacle, but try to remove yourself from it when you think of your personal progress.

Bottom line? Concentrate on the short game and how much fun you’re having, the rest is history.