Drawing Waves

Do you ever find yourself drawing waves?

It’s a habit I don’t seem to be able to shake recently. Whenever I have a pen and I’m sitting idle – waiting, not waiting, thinking, not thinking… the pen starts to move across the page…

What began as fairly shoddy scrawlings and smudgings eventually took a turn for the more legible. Recently I was at my folks house. My Mam painted some “blackboard paint” on a wall in what is now the guest-room and left “Visitors Comments” across the top of it. The area of the blackboard is around 3.5ft x 5ft, so the picture doesn’t quite do the size of it justice, but I found using white on black (as with chalk on board) far easier than black on white (as with my previous chicken-scratch).

It’s still not quite right, but it’s getting there:

Criticism welcome!