Jock Barnes Surfer - Over The Dune Photo

Focus On Your Own Game

One of the hardest parts of learning to surf is self belief.

From my account of catching my first proper wave:

Nothing describes the feeling of being a learner surfer better than “a fish out of water”. The feelings of uselessness and exhaustion that come from flapping around on a surfboard in frigid Atlantic seas are made worse by decent surfers. To think, they’re stylishly surfing the younger, far more powerful versions of the same waves you’re struggling to manage, waves which have shrunk to a fraction of the size and turned to mushy white water by the time you’re tackling them.

So how do you deal with the frustration of it all? Just keep going. Progress in surfing is a slow burn, even when you’re getting pointers from friends or putting money into lessons. Dig in and try to appreciate the small steps.

Just remember… Those guys shredding out the back? They’ve all been here! Surfers are nothing if not determined and the first battle starts in the shallows.

Don’t let other surfers in the water affect your belief. Enjoy the moment, you’ll earn your stripes in time.