Get In The Water And Try It Surfing

Get In The Water And Try It!

I’m on a mission to prove just how fun and easy it is to get surfing.

I still don’t consider myself good enough to be “a surfer”, but you don’t have to be either.

Longboard Line Break

The bottom line

Surfing is a weird world. It has gatekeepers, cliques and style-obscured brands all over the place.

Here’s the bottom line: No-one has any more right than you do. We should all be surfers.

Longboard Line Break

Just get surfing

I’d always loved surfing and it took me far too long to get into it. One day, sitting in the line up, it dawned on me that all it took was the confidence to get in the water and try it.

There are obviously safety elements to think about — the sea is no laughing matter — so you should always start with a lesson or an experienced guide. But that’s it. simple.

It doesn’t matter what you think of surfing or surfers.

One day, if the universe permits, you might end up catching your first proper wave and for that moment nothing else will matter.

After that, maybe you’ll get further into surfing, maybe you’ll drift away. Whatever the outcome I think everyone should give it a go. Focus on your own game and don’t be put off by glossy surf media. Surfing belongs to us.