Getting Down and Devonshire

Getting Down and Devonshire

Devon rivals some of the best coastline in the world. With a clear calender and an open mind, the travelling surf adventurer can stumble on hundreds of hidden bays and solitary breaks.

If you’re after cliffsides and rolling hills, the stretch between Start Point and Plymouth on the south coast isn’t a bad place to start.

North Devon Cliffs Over The Dune

Surf in Devon

Aside from the slog to Cornwall, Devon is the best place for most surfers below the midlands to find decent conditions. Learners can get into beach breaks at Woolacombe (where I first got going in surfing!), Croyde and Saunton on the north coast, Bantham and a few hidden gems along the south.

Surfer Rocky Right Over The Dune

Half way up the point between Croyde and Woolacombe is Baggy’s Surf Lodge and Cafe. Mike has nailed location, surf hire and guest facilities – it’s all properly geared up for the surfer. If you find yourself in the area, drop by for some food. Mike and his guys make a killer shepherd’s pie!

Mike Baggy's Lodge Over The Dune

Adventure on the Moors

Devon is the third biggest county in England and it’s dominated by national parks. When you head inland, it’s nothing but countryside.

Incredibly, Dartmoor is the last public place in England that you can wild-camp. Miles of stunning, open moorland is open for you to explore and pitch up wherever you like (as long as you stay 100m away from the road and clean up after yourself).

Paul King Dartmoor Sunset Thanks to my good pal Paul King for the Dartmoor photos!


One of many quaint towns on the south coast, Totnes, is caught in a quirky bohemian twilight. Crystal workshops, organic cafes and gong showers are part and parcel for the hippy capital of the south.

Head to the Green Cafe opposite the town square for one of the best fry-ups going. For drinks, wander down to The Waterside Bistro, nestled against the River Dart. Locals and tourists mix together to make a vibrant, bubbling atmosphere.

Croyde Bay From Baggy's Over The Dune

If you hadn’t guessed, I love a bit of old Devon. If you’re out for surf, countryside adventuring or a taste of the local life, it’s worth a weekend…