“Glassy” is the term used to describe any wave that has elements of pureness. The connection is easily made – smooth and transparent. The less choppy the surface of the water is, the cleaner a ride you’re going to have. It’s not necessarily the only wave a budding surfer is going to be looking for, but just think of this as the polished cherry on the cake.

To give you an example MagicSeaweed has caught hold of a video and plopped it on facebook asking it’s followers if anyone has any idea what “the merry hell” it is, or if we thought it was a hoax or not. I’m willing to bet that they’re in bed with the creators and that playing dumb so that it seems more magical than it is is more of an advertising ploy than anything else, but I’m not condemning them for that! Good tactic if so.

Check this out, though. This is sheer glass.

The original video Teaser I is up on Vimeo, and it’s been shared from wavegarden. I’ve sent the guys an email, so we’ll see what comes of it.