Wipeout Over The Dune

How to fall properly

It’s all about the dismount!

Learning to fall properly is a crucial part of surfing.

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How to fall

It’ll be different as the conditions change, but some golden rules for learners:

  1. Fall shallow (channel your inner starfish and spread out).
  2. Land on your padding (bum first).
  3. Protect your head, especially when resurfacing:
    1. Put your forehead into your right bicep, wrapping the forearm and hand over the top and back of your head.
    2. Bring your left hand around to protect the back of your head, right at the bottom where the neck meets the skull, and bring your left elbow around to cover the left of your face.

You won’t always have control over how you fall. But, if you remember any of these, stick to that last point. Always cover your head.

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Don’t get lazy, don’t get hurt

You might get away with falling casually in fun conditions at a familiar spot, but it’s a bad habit to pick up. You’ll always fall the way you fall.

In the heat of the moment, at a new spot or surprisingly shallow water, if you fall incorrectly it can be a twist, temporary lights-out, or worse.

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In case you missed it

Always cover your head. Boards are dangerous, fins are sharp, heads are important. It’s not worth the risk. Cover your head.