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Jonas Claesson – Surf Artist

Jonas, better known as “Jonas Draws”, is a surf artist I’ve been following for a while and he’s quickly become a favourite of mine. He makes loads of cool, vivid art around animals, camping and outoors life, all of it centered around surfing. His funky, colourful pieces always get the imagination going for a weekend away around a fire.
I got in touch to find out more about the dude behind the creativity…
1. Tell me a bit about yourself… Your Instagram says you’re a “Swede in Australia” – how did that happen?
My name is Jonas, I have lived on the Gold Coast of Australia for about 12 years now. I moved here to combine studying industrial design with surfing along with some friends. I split my time between art and running a company called
2. What/who inspires your art and style? How did the animal/hunting theme meet surfing?
Just small things around me… Things I see in everyday life, it could be someone on the street or a photo on Instagram…
3. What’s your favourite piece?
I don’t really have one, I am happy with the series of AdventureMobiles/ animal combinations I have been working on lately.
Jonas Claesson Triceratops-Defender-illustration
4. What’s coming up for you? Any more collaborations?
Working on a new collaboration right now. Also starting to look into how to publish my surfing animals ABC kid’s book…
Jonas Claesson Sufing-Penguin-illustration
5. Down to surfing…
a) What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?
The one who has the most fun in the water is the best surfer :)
b) What’s the best lesson you’ve learned the hard way?
That I am never going to be any good at it… But I do love it!
c) What’s on the bucket list?
I want to go snowboarding in Japan, and buy a van/ motorhome
Jonas Claesson Moose-On-The-Loose-Illustration1
Thanks for your time, looking forward to your future projects!
If you like his work or want to hear more from Jonas, head here…