Matrix on the waves

A bunch of guys over at Fubiz have come across a bullet-time surfing video that’s been set up around a surf pool. Follow this link and hit “Eng” in the top right if you want to follow the story in broken English.

First things first – let’s have a collective *shakefist* at the dudes that have access to the pool. Technology and a whole lot of money coming together to create perfect waves in a controlled environment. Don’t get me wrong: I’m a MASSIVE fan of the ocean and everything that comes with it (there’s no danger of seeing any exciting wildlife at this break), but consistent surf is something that I would kill to have all year round.

As the article mentions they’ve set up 52 separate cameras to get the “bullet time” effect, and the results are absolutely tremendous. The Matrix took a step into the unknown all those years ago, and here we are in the digital age using the same technology to shocking ends.

You may feel slightly disappointed that there’s no new cutting edge that’s been added for extra cool factor: as one of my colleagues said to me “It’s only bullet time”. I say to you as I said to him: just look at it.

It is VERY cool.