Ollie Turrell – 8 year old Champ

MR GROM himself – Ollie Turrell is the youngest ever British champ.

Ollie Turrell

Here’s the dude in action at SIX years old. Unbelievable. As far as he’s concerned that wave is damn near head-height! I’m going to guess this is not the last we’ve heard of this young chap.

This is Cornwall says: “The competition was scored on a handicap basis to even it up but Ollie still saw off everyone in the under 16s with a series of onboard tricks such as forward rolls and riding backwards.”

So there you have it. The foundation of a record breaking surfer. Good luck, Ollie!

I always wished my parents had set me up with a hobby when I was a tiddler. I’ll bet Messi was kicking a footy before he could walk.