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Paddling – Keep Your Feet Together

Why should you always keep your feet together when you’re paddling?

A huge part of paddling efficiency comes from posture, the easiest route to perfect posture is with focus early on. If you let laziness creep into your paddling, you’ll develop all sorts of bad habits that will hamper you along the line. In this example, that means dangling your feet off the edge of the board, reducing speed and improperly using your core.

Keeping your feet together means…

  1. You’ll keep your balance centred in the middle of the board. If you start to wobble, rather than sticking out a stray leg to balance, you’ll soon be engaging your core to keep balance (which will improve your surfing ability all around).
  2. You’ll reduce drag. This will make not only make your paddling way more efficient, it’ll give you an edge when taking off on a wave.

It feels weird at first, but with focus it’ll become muscle memory. Many pro surfers cross their ankles habitually, give it a go!

When I find myself getting lazy, I like to repeat the mantra “feet together, paddle close, feet together, paddle close”.