Rob Machado

You may have seen the unassuming, melt-like-butter stance of Mr Machado cruising through a sepia-lined surf video. If so, you may well have wondered just how many beaches he’s slept on.

Equally; there’s a chance you’ve seen a bunch of guys carrying film equipment and messing about in plastic horse-head masks. Whatever the context, if you’ve seen him surf; you’ll know he flips and turns a short-board like an American Football fan flips and turns a pre-match BBQ burger.

Rob, who may appear at first glance to be the beach bum personified, has more recently turned scientist. Sure, it’s not in the most traditional sense of science – he’s not running about with a white coat on, pipetting the Earnest Rutherford out of stuff – but he’s testing out some theories.

And he’s breaking new ground. Behold, the fish-tipped, Alaia bellied half brother of “Experiment Number 1”:

It’s worth mentioning that Rob’s actually a hero. When he finished up his pro career he started reaching out. Check out this video, or have a look at his homepage if you get a sec.

Total dude.