Seaweed is a loose, colloquial term encompassing macroscopic, multicellular, benthic marine algae.[1] The term includes some members of the red, brown and green algae. Seaweeds can also be classified by use (as food, medicine, fertilizer, industrial, etc.).


We’ve all had our run-ins with the green explorer. She crops up in beautiful glassy waves and around your feet in the murky depths. She doesn’t seem to be out to hurt anyone, and she tastes pretty damn good to be fair. Infact – there are a number of examples in which seaweed comes off as a bit of a hero – in farming in Bali, healthcare for teenagers and even predicting the weather more accurately than the BBC. None of this seems to have that much of an affect on surfers at first glance, but it’s not until we sprinkle a little fairy dust on it that we start to see real results.

Magic Seaweed. This is your one stop shop for anything surfing related. In my opinion you’d do well to shop elsewhere (it’s ALWAYS a good idea to shop around when you’re looking for new gear) but if money isn’t an option they do have some of the top-line stuff. If it’s hot it’s on the website.

The main reason for MSW being such powerhouse in surfing authority on the web is it’s user base. There are a bucket load of submissions every day so the content that is hand-picked is usually exclusive, regular and reliable.

Surf Reports – These are produced using comprehensive software that is constantly improved and updated. With the help of  “Eyeball Report” webcams and with first hand reports as people take pictures and write summaries as/when they can the information is cutting edge. There are MANY places noted on the report but you may find yours isn’t – as per the usual surfing way there are some secrets that ought to be kept. It’s worth mentioning that the forecasts themselves are predictions (the MSW team is very open about this) – but they’re pretty damn good.The “places” page on this website makes use of the freely available widget for each place. Bantham for example (scroll down).

Every surfer who’s used any computer generated surf forecast regularly in the past ten years or so has learnt one fairly obvious fact: forecasts can change and the further you look into the future the more likely this is to happen.

Help! – The help section is absolutely perfect for those wanting some help understanding the science behind it all. It’s worth giving this a read before trying to understand the report for your local break.
Forum – If there’s anything controversial happening or you’d like some advice the guys in here will give you a hand. Just like any forum you’ll do well to search what you’re looking for before you start spouting off questions. If you go in asking people which shortboard you should get for your first time surfing you’ll probably get a clutch of sarcastic answers (if anything at all). Again as with any forum there are some well known names and plenty of controversy.
Apps – They’ve recently released apps for the iPhone which makes checking the surf on the move a doddle. They’re still tweaking bits and bobs and at the moment it’s pretty complicated, but once you know your way around it you’ll be laughing.
Articles – Warning – do not click if you are short on spare time. This section is my favourite on the site. There are interesting stories from teams around the world and constant updates on the state of the competing surfers. If you need something to whet your appetite or re-ignite your passion for surfing this will do wonders.

      You’d be forgiven for thinking that I work for them but I’m just an average chap looking up at the surfing world in awe – and for me this website is just the right fit. If you spend a little time getting to know the way things work I’m sure you’ll be harping on about it as well.

      There are obviously many more sections to the site than I’ve mentioned. You’ll have to dig around to find them, so what’s stopping you?!