Surf Movie – Chasing Mavericks

“Riding The Giants” is one of my favourite movies. It’s got history from all over the world, it’s well made, it’s honest. If you haven’t seen it, watch it.

One of the points covered is “post-Gidget” surfing. It is, essentially; the surfing influx that fuelled the age we’re living in today (as covered in a previous post about surf media). The thing that seems to annoy the guys the most, though, is just how poor the movies that covered the surfing scene were.

When you think about the Christian Bales, the Russell Crowes – the real method actors of the modern age, you get a real sense of character. Yeah, they’re brutes that make bone-crunching tackles, but they study their parts. They live and breath the characters they play and it’s really easy to believe what they’re saying.

How cool would it be then, if one of those guys was part of a modern movie? Not just any old off-the-back-of-a-van short story, but a guts and glory feature length about Mavericks with real stories and real pain?

Let’s hope it’s good…