Surfer Village!?

In 2008 there was a report suggesting that London would be looking at hosting a “Surfer Village” some time this year. I should really have curbed my enthusiasm a little earlier, mind you, as it did come from the Daily Mail. You can find the “report” here.

Although the idea of it sounds pretty awesome, the reality is that it’s kind of insane. It would be great to catch a wave in the city, but it would never equate to the real thing, much less be sustainable. To start with they suggest charging £30 for 10 waves.

It would never be a mainstay. What sort of a community would it be if we were handed the fun on a plate? We like to work for our cause – to learn how we should treat the ocean and learn to respect the natural power in all it’s beauty.

Secondly, there appears to be absolutely NOTHING by way of this making any progress. I suppose there was no thought to the upcoming Olympics when this post was made but that doesn’t excuse it. As mentioned towards the end of the story; 60,000+ surfers live in the capital, that’s a lot of people to be getting excited for no real reason! Daily bleedin’ Mail!