Medewi Cut Back Surfing Over The Dune Bali

Surfing And Then Some

I posted about The Surfers Rite of Passage; making the “brave” decision to leave work, family and London rent behind. I knew I’d be surfing, but the rest wrote itself…

Around The World In 367 Days from Sam Over The Dune on Vimeo.

Here’s to fate, graft, luck, love… whatever greater power it was that allowed me to spend 2015 this way.

Lesson learned? Well. If you can afford the time and the mindset (the stuff you owe yourself), I suggest you go. Stop believing it’s impossible, or a low priority, or a future dream.

Start yourself small. Research your travel options, talk out loud about it, go outside, walk a new route, take a drive, talk to strangers. However you do it, just go! Give yourself to the world. If anything at all, you’ll change your perspective on life. I promise.

I’m writing up my experiences country by country (you can already see Sri Lanka here), so check back in for more real stories, real mistakes and hard lessons learned.