Surfing drugs

Happy New Year! We hope some of you managed to find a place to paddle your booze-addled selves around this morning!

Today the Guardian dropped a story about the relevance of drugs in the “alternative image” of surfing.

Now – I’m not sure the Guardian is the best authority to be passing judgement on “our” (I use the term lightly – if anything surfing has an eclectic following) image. It makes me laugh to imagine Johnny McJournalist deciding that we’re all constantly blazed out of our faces or buzzing on LSD when we’re not on the water, but it seems Andy Irons’ untimely death has sparked a bit of a research trail.

If anything, the article is interesting, have a look:

The end is particularly funny:

“There was a view in Hawaii that marijuana smoking in particular was actually good for surfing because you increase your lung capacity with all that drawing in of the smoke,” he said. “So it was good when there was a big hold down under the waves and you could stay down for longer. The more marijuana, the better the surfer.”