Surfing Exhibition

James Otter – wood craftsman extraordinaire – will be opening the first show of the year in the Trelissick Gallery in Truro. There will be a host of oldschool boards from bygone years and all the other trinkets of “Cornwall surfing” fame.

The VW splitscreen vans lining the outside of the exhibition will greet visitors as they enter the newly opened exhibition from the 29th Jan and onwards. Otter’s work is revered around the South West and across the country as being some of the finest available. He’s managed many different items in his time and this will prove just how much he understands the surfing culture of Cornwall.

The “Cornwall Surfing Style” is the opening season exhibition of the Trelissick Gallery, in Truro, United Kingdom. It’s the exploration of the work of artisan and surfer James Otter.

[Image from here]

James creates hand-crafted wooden surfboards and furniture that are sculpted to perfection – a true work of art – inspired by the natural world and built using locally supplied sustainable materials.

“My current work has its emphasis on my surfboard project – to develop hollow wooden surfboards to replace and reduce the use of toxic substances in surfboard manufacture and to marry two of my deepest passions,” says James.

Alongside his work, the Museum of British Surfing will displaying a small selection of historic wooden surfboards dating back over the last 100 years, beachwear and other items from its collection along with our classic VW combi van.

Surf artist Ben Cook will also be there signing copies of his wonderful books, and the venue itself is in the grounds of the National Trust’s beautiful Trelissick Garden.

Organised by the Cornwall Crafts Association, the launch day runs from 11am – 4pm, but the exhibition of James Otter’s work runs right through until April 4, 2011 (we’re only there on opening day).

There’s no word on the official website just yet, but you can see some of the pictures of his work or get in contact through the facebook page here.