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Everything below is a lesson hard learned by experience or shared by experts who know better than me.

Longboard Line BreakMind Surfer Tips

You’re never been surfing, but you’ve often day-dreamed about it.

Mind Surfer Tips

Strictly speaking, we’re all mind surfers. Anyone who’s imagined riding a wave is a mind surfer, and god knows we do that… watching a wave before a surf, in our sleep, at the desk. These tips are put together for someone who has ONLY mind surfed; never having paddled out or caught a wave.

Longboard Line BreakLearner Surfer Tips

You’ve been out once or twice, found out how much fun a foamie can be. Maybe you’ve just picked up your first lesson. These tips will help with the fundamentals.

Learner Surfer Tips

If you want to get technical, we’re all learners too. Every single time we paddle out there’s another lesson waiting for a surfer. This section refers to brand new surfers. The first timers who are stoked just to be in the water. The lucky ones who are set to experience that rush for the first time in their lives.

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Longboard Line BreakBeginner Surfer Tips

It’s on! You’ve got the bug. You’ve got a mate showing you the ropes or you’ve had a stint of lessons, time to up the game.Beginner Surfer Tips

These tips deal with that magic part of surfing when you start finding your feet with some regularity, concentrating more on “green waves” than the whitewater.

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Longboard Line BreakIntermediate Surfer Tips

You’ve started to get some real belief in your surfing, every spare weekend or getaway is planned around the surf conditions.Intermediate Surfer Tips

This section is for intermediate surfers; you’ll be comfortable paddling out, duck diving, catching waves and you’re getting to grips with bottom turns and trimming.

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Longboard Line BreakAdvanced Surfer Tips

Surfing is a way of life. Every last penny goes into adding another board to the quiver or stitching together the next surf trip.

Advanced Surfer Tips

Tips that can benefit the high end of the surfing spectrum, advanced surfers with a practiced understanding of ocean science, solid wave reading ability and confidence with turns and cutbacks.

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Longboard Line BreakExpert Surfer Tips

You’re a pro. The only reason you’re reading this is out of interest (rather than any need to learn anything).

Expert Surfer Tips

The expert section is unique to the others in that I don’t expect to be imparting any of my own lessons learned here (not any time soon anyway). Most tips will come directly from the experts themselves, via exclusive Over The Dune interviews.

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Longboard Line Break

My surf progress so far:

Over The Dune Surf Progress

“The only difference between you and me is time in the water and commitment”. ~ Taj Burrow

So that’s it! Everything I’ve learned about the world of surfing… so far anyway… Keep checking back for new lessons learned every time I get back in the water or talk to someone in the know.

If you’ve found my surf lessons learned useful or you just want to start a chat, hit one of the social media buttons at the bottom right of any page on the site.

In the meantime, see you in the lineup!


IMPORTANT NOTE:  My tips are roughly broken down by surfer “level”. It’s difficult (and actually pretty pointless) to bother worrying which “level” anyone is in the real world, including yourself, I’ve just arranged it like this to make life easier.  I hope the tips I learn on my journey help you, but I encourage you not to underestimate how important it is to get time in the water. When it comes to surfing, there’s no better way to learn than by doing. Just get out there and enjoy the surf!