Surfing Mutation Part 1 – ‘Surfing the Downtime’

Surfing has evolved in many different ways since it’s birth somewhere in the South Pacific something like 300 years ago. In my short time exploring the many different avenues of surfing as a culture as well as a sport I’ve come across many “mutations” in all aspects. There are infinite versions of boards and styles of surfing, but the rabbit hole goes a little deeper than that. I’m going to use this post as a start to my “Mutations” series which will cover as many weird and wonderful tangents as I can find.

Surfing the downtime

One common feature of surfers globe-wide is boredom between breaks. This is the time when surfer scientists will nestle in behind a desk full of books and write up their findings, the time when the videographers can get down to some editing: so what does Joe Bloggs get up too?

Lego Surfing. Lego has always been a front runner in stop-motion-animation and there’s nothing more the internet community at large enjoys more than a well thought out animation. I’m not sure where or when it was first fused with surfing, but as soon as it started it was destined to be a success. There are thousands of Lego Surfing videos now available – I can’t tell if this says more for the budding animators out there or for the lack of surf we’ve seen over the last season – but it’s well worth a watch!

Tarpaulin. One of the techniques used in the Lego scene is curling over a piece of paper or plastic to emulate the effect of a perfectly barrelling wave. These guys have taken it on to a next level. I can only hope this one is exclusively a result of poor conditions.

River Bores. Definitely the coolest solution to ocean side down-time – this is the art of surfing tidal waves that naturally occur on certain rivers around the world. It doesn’t happen very regularly, but it’s not one to miss. There are a number of societies dedicated to the understanding  and experimentation of riding tidal bores. The most famous bore in England is the Severn – you can find more info about that here.

If this has been an insight make sure you check up for the next edition of Mutations – Surfers in all conditions.