Surfing your first reef break

Surfing your first reef break

Reef breaks. Scary stuff for a beginner surfer. Thoughts of cuts, infections, tropical diseases.

But not all reefs are created equal.

Longboard Line Break

Go deep

Some reefs are shallow. They come with their own nutbag surfers and names like “Lacerations”.

Wait! I said some!

There are also deep reefs. These are key to trying out your first reef break.

Think about diving in at the deep end of a pool. That much water slows you down long before you touch the bottom. So even if you fall you’re hard pressed to touch them.


Longboard Line Break

Trust the consistency

With a bit of insider knowledge (ask around!) and keeping an eye on the spot before you go for it, they can actually be safer than beach breaks.

If you’ve only surfed a beach break, you’ll have been used to the constant battering of whitewater. Reefs, the waves are forming over a solid, unmoving base, usually come with a much more consistent wave. That means channels and calm shoulders (where the waves aren’t breaking) to hang out on and catch your breath.

Not to mention the warm, tropical landscapes they tend to be hidden in!