Thurso shuts down

The O’Neill Cold Water Classic has been running since 2006. Last year O’Niell decided to up sticks and shuffle over to California to host an equivalent event. With no sponsor for the Thurso event, it’s been lopped off the 2012 schedule and the Scottish Surfing Federation is left wanting.

There are hopes that the ASP will come back with renewed interest for Thurso in 2013, but it’s going to require a sponsor. Time for someone to step up and save the Scots.

Check out the whole story and a few quotes about the contest being called off here.

Renowned for it’s chill-factor, the Thurso break is so much more than a “cold water” break. It’s a front-runner in the heated heated wetsuit noise, and one of the places that’s referenced when the old boys talk about “never having been able to surf in certain places before the wetsuit came along”.

Rare as it is to find a sweet shot of a Thurso surfer without gloves/hood on, there are many other factors that bring it in as one of the gems of the surfing round-up. For instance, it’s one of the best places in the world to catch emotion. Dark, moody waves and gloomy skies. Photographers with a taste for angry shots can do away with their dark, suggestive filters and let the landscape do it’s own work.

Oh, and if you win a major tournament you can go home knowing you’ve been touched by Scottish legend. Check out last year from

Brent Dorrington raised the Highland Sword high above his head as he was knighted Lord Dorrington after winning the O’Neill Cold Water Classic Scotland 2011. “I decided to man up and come try to surf in the cold,” said Gold Coast surfer Brent. “I’m so glad that I did. I’ve never be in a final and to win my first final is the best feeling ever.

See the full report of the O’Neill Coldwater Classic Scotland from 2011 here. They’ve also hosted a great example of the moody footage I’m chatting about: