Ever heard of “tilt shift” photography?

It’s a style of taking photographs that – frankly – I struggle to understand the science behind, but it’s to do with depth perception and parallel lines. A lot of people misunderstand the true meaning of it when they’re told it’s the technique used to get the “toy effect”. That’s actually called “miniature faking” which uses techniques (mostly touching the footage up after it’s been captured) to blur the foreground and the background.

First off.. have  a look at this video. This is the first experience I had with miniature faking and it took my breath away. Yes. It’s real.

Absolutely astonishing, isn’t it? The reason I’ve brought this up is because the boys over at Magic Seaweed (if you haven’t realised by now – we really endorse this site) have had a picture shared from one of the users. The video really gives you an idea of how crazy the water can be portrayed, but take a look at this for a shot:

Waimea Bay was breaking. Wasn’t that big really, but went up in the helicopter and shot this one…interesting angle on Waimea.

You’ll find the photo here where there are loads of interesting shots from all around the world. Give us a shout if you upload one yourself!!