Lifeguard Beach Safety Flags

What do the Lifeguard Flags Mean?

Safety is a cornerstone of surfing. Learning the basics before you get in the water is the best way to prepare yourself for some of the challenges the ocean might serve up.

So where should you start?

As a beginner surfer you should only be surfing at lifeguard patrolled beaches, which leads us to one of the fundamental lessons of sharing the water with other people.

Learning the lifeguard flag colour system…

Beach Surf Safety Flags Stick Man

  • Black & white: surfer patrolled area. Surf here! It’s in plain black and white.
  • Red & yellow: lifeguard stripes. Nothing you wouldn’t do in a swimming pool.
  • Red: dangerous conditions. Do not enter the water.

If you need to remember, just remember “Black and White – surfers right”.

Finally, if you find yourself on a beach and you’ve forgotten everything, just ask one of the lifeguards.

When you’re in the water make sure to pay attention to the the megaphone – if you start to drift in to swimmer territory on your surfboard you’ll soon know about it!