Rip Currents Waterlust

What should I do in a rip current?

Rip Currents.

It’s crazy that they’re still such mysterious and dangerous things.

These simple videos are light bulb moments that could save your life.


Panic Is The Biggest Danger

Most people who suffer fall to panic and exhaustion, because they just don’t know what they’re up against. Would you? Take 3 minutes to educate yourself with this survival guide:

“See the thing is, the rip current isn’t going to kill you. It’s your panic.”

This next video from “Waterlust” tackles the idea of just how avoidable danger in rip-currents can be. Watch the video:

I’m learning more and more that one of the essential skills in surfing is spending precious time to take stock of the situation you’re in.

There are some circumstances this technique might not apply. If I’m in a rip and the “merry-go-round” happens to include some rocks or reef, I could be in a lot more trouble. Another question to add to the pile!

It’s one thing to experience a rip in practice, but insight from experts can only be a good thing.

Share the videos, spread the word. Rip currents aren’t dangerous. Ignorance is!

No finer advice than “be careful out there”!

Lessons Learned:

  • Rips can fall into repeat patterns. The best way to get out is stay calm (as ever) and look for a sideways movement.